This Year's Theme: Over The Edge

There are so many people who face daily challenges and sadly go ‘over the edge’ without a soft landing!

The Chanukah Telethon invites people of good spirit, to support Chabad of Mineola in its life saving work, to helping those who have fallen between the cracks.

This past summer, Rabbi Perl rappelled down the side of a 170 foot building, to visually remind us of the people who have reached the ‘end of their rope’.

Your financial support makes you a partner and ‘first responder’ in this urgent humanitarian work.

See the impact of Chabad’s many outreach programs:

Crisis Intervention Rehabilitation

No cost, confidential & broad range of social service prevention measures for those at high risk. Helping to restore family stability.

Toys for Hospitalized Children

Visiting children in hospitals during the season of giving and light. Bringing them a Holiday gift, a smile and the feeling of belonging.

Hebrew Schools for the Unaffiliated

Hundreds of children grades 1-6 learn of their Jewish heritage.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah for the Unaffiliated

Providing children the life time chance to have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah even though they don’t belong to a Synagogue.

From Garbage to Gratitude

Showing appreciation to the unsung sanitation heroes for their tireless efforts.

Good Deed Awards for Teenagers

Each year high school students, regardless of race or religion, are honored for their good deeds to humanity. Opportunity to highlight the good so inherent in our youth.

Alternatives for Young Adults

Advocacy & community service projects for young men & women when facing judicial entanglement due to life’s challenges.

Senior Visitation

Brightening the spirits of senior citizens without family in hospitals and nursing homes.

The Friendship Circle

Friends at Home Respite Program. Teenage volunteers extend a helping hand to children with special needs.

Taste of Shabbat

Weekly delivery of two challas & a bottle of grape juice to men & women in shut-ins, group homes, drug rehabs & correctional centers.

The Renee & Jan Burman Chabad Center for Performing Arts

Cultural Center for teenagers. Celebrating life through the language of music and the arts.

Donate By Mail

Send your donation to:

NCFJE Chabad of Mineola HQ
261 Willis Avenue
Mineola, NY 11501
Attention: Rabbi Anchelle Perl, Director

Please include your name, address, telephone number, and E-Mail.

Please make tax-deductible checks payable to: NCFJE Chabad Telethon

Donate By Phone

Call: (516) 739-3636

Rabbi Perl on Twitter


We sincerely invite your support. Please join us this year, this would be a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate and mark your commitment to the quality of life.